Time to be a Hero

grandma and child

You are going to buy a gift for this child. The child might be a grandchild, your child, or someone else's. It could be a birthday, Christmas, christening, or just because. They could be a newborn or 10 years old but they will get a gift from you.

But what ...

You know where most gifts wind up after a few months at most. Goodwill or the trash.

Clothes are appreciated - by the parents. Food is appreciated - for 10 minutes. Toys are appreciated - sometimes. And that is really a so ordinary choice. You could ask the child, sometimes that works. A gift certificate? No, not for a child; teenager yes.

Think about sitting down with the child and reading a book. Not any book. A book about them. Where your child is the star. Virtually every page mentions them by name; their friends and relatives too. You can be included; you get to choose.

MyOwnStory.ca has provided this opportunity for hundreds of grandparents, parents, and friends all across Canada. For less than $25.00. We get regular reports of moms buying a book for her daughter; the same one she received 20 years ago.

We have adventure books, sports hero books, birth books, detective books, counting books, books about school and even diaper training. Over 20 to choose from and all free of advertising and TV oriented material. Well except the Fishing book, its got Pro Bass Shops all over it, but that is aimed at Dad's and they can deal with it ...

Each book is highly customizable, easily, by yourself. They are durable, hard cover books, and will last.

If you have questions, just email or phone. It is safe, we use PayPal to keep your credit card and other info private. We have more than 10 years of making children and adults happy.

Be a hero, get your child something no one else likely will, and something that will make the child think of you every time they see it. A personalized childrens book from MyOwnStory.ca