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 Yes it is a bit early for Christmas .... but only 31 days to order personalized books.

Birthdays and other occasions happen at this time of year too; a personalized book is a great gift idea. We do not want to forget that ... but so is wandering around the web to see what might work at Christmas. Since you are here anyway ... It is close enough now to Christmas for online purchasing, especially if you are considering a large order or buying several copies of one book.

Give the GIFT of literacy to the children in your life! A Christmas present that is fun, educational and unique to them. Order now and receive your books in plenty of time for Christmas giving.  Last day for shipping before Christmas will be for orders received by noon on the 17th of December; only XPressPost orders will make it after that up to December 21.

Taxes included!  Prices are all inclusive, the price you see plus shipping is all you pay!!.  And Regular Post shipping is only $5.00 per order, the more you buy the better!   

These friendly, 6.5" x 8.5" hard bound, glossy personalized story books for children, free of promotion of associated toys or TV are a perfect stocking stuffer for parents to give their children and an ideal personalized Christmas or birthday present for grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and children of friends. For out of town children they are easy to mail, or you can have us ship directly ... personalize that too if you like.

"A Person’s Name Is To Them The Sweetest And Most Important Sound In Any Language" --  Dale Carnegie. 

The children you love will be thrilled to see their own name in these stories. Personalized children's books make your child the "STAR" of every story.  Each of these wonderful stories includes a child's name, hometown, friends and family in every story. Whether your child is in sports or loves dinosaurs, each book teaches principles and values. They will enjoy this great keepsake for years to come.

Our personalized baby books are a true keepsake recording the birth experience of your child in a storybook format, which will be cherished by children, parents and grandparents for years to come! Each personalized baby book includes the date, time, Dr.'s name, hospital, baby's height and weight along with names of baby's first visitors.

Reading books will educate, inspire imagination and build self esteem. Our personalized children's books will become cherished keepsakes and saved forever by your children.

IOS Users: Read some of the books here: PersonalizedChildrensBooks.ca